Modern registration system

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For every event we produce official web page with complete information. The pages get continuously updated with the most recent information about the programme, the event venue, conference fees, social and tourist programmes, accommodation offers, transport, etc.

An important part of the website is a sophisticated registration and communication system. The classical option of sending registration forms by fax, email or post which we continue to offer, of course, has recently been overshadowed by the system of direct electronic on-line registration for participation and accommodation via the electronic form placed on our secure web page. The system is equipped with the “THAWTE” coding system against the misuse of personal data. It offers completely safe records of participants, confirmation of reservations made, execution of necessary financial operations, sending information about the inclusion in a professional programme, etc.

We also offer an advanced interactive version where every participant creates his/her own conference account. On this modern type of a web page it is possible to fill in and send a text with a professional contribution or its abstract – it is even possible to make amendments to this text.

The surveillance part of the registration system can also be accessed by the organizational committeess. It provides them with continuous information about the number of participants registered, a sum of payments made, number of professional contributions sent, and the interest in accommodation services, social and other accompanying events.