Cultural and Tourist Programme

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Carefully selected social programme can turn the participants’ visit at the conference the most enjoyable experience. Especially for international events it is a great opportunity to introduce the participants to the beautiful historical objects as well as modern sites in the chosen location, often in connection with concerts or other cultural experiences. The offer of concerts and other cultural events reaches a very good standards both in the capital city of Prague as well as in other parts of the Czech Republic.

Every social event offers an opportunity for the participants to get better acquainted with one another and may contribute to the development of future cooperation among individual teams.

Sightseeing tours of historical sites and other beautiful destinations in the Czech Republic are usually an integral part of our conferences. In this respect the most common are several-day excursions prior to or after the conference designed for smaller groups of interested participants. Nevertheless, even one-day visits of castles, spas and sites included in the UNESCO world heritage sites may evoke an interest for further exploration.

In relation to the choice of unusual and interesting locations outside of Prague we are able to offer, primarily to interested participants of the domestic symposia, also a very interesting sports programme, nature walks, cycling trips, etc.